Jon Bryant

Guitar Tutor and Session Musician

£14    Re-stringing (including £6 string cost)

£14    Input jack re-wiring

£20    Pickup replacement 

£25    Basic setup (intonation, action, pickup height and clean)

£30+  Complex setups of Floyd Rose or similar bridges

I offer minor repair work, string changing and basic setups for a fraction of the charge of most guitar shops.

However, I am not a trained luthier so do not offer fretwork or bone nut adjustments.


I typically have ernie ball slinkly (10s) and power slinky (11s) in stock for electric guitar. For acoustic guitar i have D'addario EJ16 (12s). 
I am happy to order in the strings of your choice upon request! 

I also offer basic guitar servicing at a budget rate! 

gallery/flying v setuo

Flying V Floyd Rose Floating Bridge Setup

gallery/les paul pickup changing photo

Les Paul Pickup Change

gallery/charv setup pic

Charvel Floyd Rose Bridge Setup and Tremolo-No Installation